Woodland Arabians

It is so much nicer and warmer to ride in the sunshine!🐥✨

Arshaq was a good boy again today on our 1 hour walk in the woods along with Adam, Mom and Shahina.🦁✨🙏🏻💛

Adam was so sweet to come for another long walk in the deep snow.

Arshaq was excited but walked calmly after Adam the entire ride.

Popgun and I then joined Mom and Nipeta for a short 40 minute walk in the woods to keep them company.🦄❄️

We laughed at a cute little deer, calmly eating bark of a tree not far from us.

Once we had walked Mom and Nipeta back to the stable, Popgun and I went out for another 30 minute ride with some trotting and cantering.🏇🏼💨🙏🏻🏆

On the way back with Popgun, the sun had gone down so I had turned my headlamp on. Mom’s headlamp to be honest. We walked back on to the small car road and it was covered in ice. There, no more than 10 meters away from us, stood 2 deer staring right at us. Popgun hadn’t seen them, but the light from the headlamp was making their eyes glow. So I looked down and kept walking forward with Popgun, asking the deer not to move so that we would not risk falling on our faces on the icey road. We passed them quite quickly and went in to the stable, the incident passing completely unnoticed by Popgun.

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Sunday mornings

Getting ready to go to the stable by eating brunch and watching Friends.

I love long mornings that go way into the afternoon.

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Growing Baby

So proud of my Baby Arshaq today.🍼🦁🙏🏻✨❄️

We started off by taking a slow 30 minute ride in the woods with Adam, Mom and Shahina.🌿✨

Arshaq was very happy to be out on a new trail and was showing off a little but walked nicely behind Adam the whole way.💁🏻‍♂️🦁

We then returned to the stable and rode another 30 minutes of dressage in the outdoor arena at a walk, trot and some canter.🏇🏼💨

I love watching my Big Boy grow up and I can almost not believe that we’ll be doing our first endurance races this year.🍼💛

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Good Luck!!

Cold rides to clear the mind.🦄❄️🙏🏻✨

Popgun and I were happy to get out for a 1 hour ride in the woods with @matildanilssson_ and Shahina this afternoon.💛

I am super jealous of the riders racing in Denmark this weekend.🇩🇰🏆 Big Good Luck to everyone from me!🙏🏻💛

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Unicorn toes

I got to the stable early today and rode Popgun in the snowy woods for 30 minutes.

It was snowing like crazy all of a sudden between rides.

My Queen. Shahina was super eager to get out and strut her stuff in the woods for about 40 minutes.

Best place to be.

Adam helped Arshaq and myself by lunging us around the outdoor arena in a walk and trot for maybe 40 minutes.

Then I spent loads of time, brushing, trimming, glittering, glossing and braiding.

If you ever wondered what a unicorn’s toes look like. 🦄✨💖💅🏻🦁

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What is love?

Love is when the thought of loosing someone rips a hole in your heart. 💛🦁

Sadly, it wasn’t as warm as in this picture today, but my Baby Lion was a good boy today regardless.🦁✨

We defied the cold and the ice and worked on our dressage homework, at a walk, for almost 1 hour.🌬🍼❄️👠✨

But hold on everybody, spring is coming soon.🎶🌸🌿🎶🐥

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Necessary shopping

Shahina has been ripping Arshaq’s covers while I was sick, so I ended up buying a new warm outdoor cover for Arshaq and a new indoor cover that I won’t be so sad if she eats through. 😖😖

I also bought a new ELT girth. Popgun likes his so I tried it on Shahina the other day and she liked it too, so I thought it would be good to get another one, in a little bit smaller size.

I also tried the new Tech Stirrup Socks today and yesterday. I am really picky about my feet but these feel so nice and soft and I can feel the difference from the added support, just from stable work. Can’t wait to try riding in them! And competing!

I am home now so that I can eat lunch and study, but I will go back there later.

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The world’s shortest ride

My heart melts every single time I hear the low neigh Popgun when one comes to get him in the pasture, like in the video above.💛

Both Popgun and Arshaq know that I am a sucker for that neigh and they’ll probably get treats.😂

Thought I would put on the new Tech Stirrups saddle pad and try a different outfit on Popgun today.

I’ve been wearing a safety vest every time I have been riding any of the horses now, in case they get a bit excited after resting.

It feels extra nice using these new stirrups for the same reason because of their awesome grip combined with a quick release function in caseI fall off.

I was dragged once by a horse through a field once because my foot got stuck in a regular stirrup, so it is very important for me to use safety stirrups.

Popgun and I only got to the outdoor arena today before the wind started blowing snow horizontally, pelleting us both in the face. 🌬❄️🌨🌪🦄😖

We both said “no way” and rushed back to the stable for cover.🙏🏻

It was just as well because we didn’t have a lot of time before our farrier @halsopedagoghastmanniska was going to come and shoe Shahina👸🏼 and Arshaq🦁.

Once done, I decided to spend some time painting Shahina’s nails all fancy with black nail-polish and pink sparkles.💅🏻✨🦄💛

Then my princess got her fur fixed up and so much brushing that my arms feel like they might just fall off.😂🦄 She quite obviously feels that I need to make up for “abandoning her” with my parents last week.👸🏼

I love the new little heart stamp on her little bottom. I should’ve taken a picture of her butt because she’s had more muscles under her fluff than I thought, but I doubt Shahina would like me taking pictures in that angle.

Since I won a gift card at Hööks from being club champion, I bought a new bit yesterday. I splurged a bit extra and went for a Sprenger, because I’ve been wondering if their as good as their supposed to be. I was looking forward to trying it today. But I will need to try it tomorrow.

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Magical woods

Two magical rides in the misty woods, first with Popgun and then with Shahina.🦄❄️🙏🏻✨💛🌿

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New boots

Finally rode in my new boots while I trained some happy ponies.💛🦄🙏🏻✨❄️

I love the boots, but they are so beautiful that I almost didn’t dare start using them.

Popgun and I did some fun but light dressage and I let him try a little trot and a few steps of canter. He felt so nice and smooth in all gates and was eager to be out and about. We only rode about 40 minutes, but it was wonderful.🐼

Shahina was very happy with me today and went with ears spiked forward all 30 minutes of or walk in the woods.👸🏼 “Finally” was what she seemed to be thinking.

My princess.👸🏼

Adam came to the stable just in time to help me lunge Arshaq and myself while we rode around the outdoor arena.🦁

Baby was wonderful as well today but it felt nice that Adam was there as backup since he’s been resting.💙💁🏻‍♂️🥕🏇🏼💨

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